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Some existing clients:

The AA
Charities Aid
GKN Aerospace
Honda Europe
ING Direct
M&S Money
NI Police Board
Sheraton Hotels
Water UK
Hertfordshire Police
Lancashire Police
Merseyside Police
Kent Police

About Prevent plc

Prevent plc is a Public Limited Company whose
administrative offices are based in Weybridge, Surrey.

The company is managed and staffed by experienced health
professionals who have been managing occupational health strategies
for companies and local government authorities for many years.

Prevent plc has clients such as HSBC, Honda, GKN, Mercedes, Bedfordshire County Council, Water UK and Northern Ireland Police Board, HM Treasury Solicitors, NHS Trusts and 16 Police Forces. Over the last ten years the company has screened in excess of 100,000 people and is the largest provider of workplace screening in the UK.

*Prevent plc's new 'home' health screening product is set to revolutionise the way that screening is conducted in the UK.

Prevent plc is owned by a number of private investors including Lacomp plc an EIS Fund ( The Directors and investors of Prevent plc are developing the company in preperation for a potential stock market listing.

To find out more about Prevent plc, its business or the potential of investing please either:

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