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Health assessments are one of the most popular employee benefits available. Unfortunately, they normally cost hundreds of pounds and have to be conducted in a clinic or private hospital.

Now Prevent has developed a high quality health assessment programme that can be delivered within the workplace or even your home!

Our health assessments start from just £35* and at this price even if you don't have a budget for screening, your employees are happy to be offered the opportunity on a self-pay basis.

Prevent is now owned by Health Shield Friendly Society Limited


Premium Screen
60 minutes Plus : 300
A comprehensive executive assessment that competes with any private clinic test. Includes testing for Bowel Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ateriosclerosis, Osteoporosis, ECG's and Stress Cardiomyopathy a test unique to Prevent and specific to executive cardiovascular stress.
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Level 2 Screen
45 minutes: 100
The Exec One Screen is the best value executive health screen in the UK. Providing all of the tests expected of an Exec Screen at an incredible price.
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Level 1 Screen
30 minutes : 70
A great value health assessment featuring BMI, Body Fat, Bone Mass, Metabolic Rate, Blood Pressure, ECG's, Cholesterol, Glucose, Urinalysis, Lung Function and Fitness tests.
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Core Screen
20 minutes : 35
A basic assessment looking at blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, BMI, Body Fat percentage and all the key issues.
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“We were delighted at the number of employees that opted to have the Prevent health screens. The programme was well organised by Prevent, with most of the administration handled by their team. The positive feedback from employees ranged from the arrangement of the appointments, information being provided and the health screens themselves, has been excellent and we would certainly consider running further programmes in the future.”

Steve Allen, Health and Safety, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ

“Setting up a health screening programme was easy. All we had to do was arrange a room and send an email to advertise the programme. We have been very pleased by the response to the health screens and there hasn't been any cost to us.”

David P Griffiths MBE, Secretary, Joint Branch Board Gloucestershire Police Federation

“The Prevent health screen was very professional, offering a range of tests that provided useful information that was both reassuring and specific to me. I would certainly have another health screen with Prevent in the future.”

Malcolm Farrow OBE FCMI, Assistant General Secretary Forces Pension Society